Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 days away!

Billa the Kid turns one in two days!!!!

Last night I sat down and wrote a letter to her and then tucked it away inside her baby time capsule. Maybe this is a bit morbid, but my mother always says "you know not the hour nor the day" in regards to one's death, and should something happen to me before I get to see my daughter grow up, I want to at least be able to impart some wisdom to her or share some stories about myself. And hoping that nothing happens to me before then, she is going to have an amazing sentimental gift when she reaches the age of majority (Thank you Jacqueline Carey for that wonderful phrase).

Michael and I are about to head out to get Billa's birthday present and some stuff for the party. Tonight I will be baking her cake and the sugar cookies that I will be giving the kids as their goodie treat. Tomorrow I decorate the cake and cookies and finish cleaning, and Saturday we do all the last minute things like set up, get balloons and naptime! I am so excited about this party!

I really hope Billa has a good time and her friends have fun. The next time I post will be a play by play of the party and pictures!

Love you all,
Kelly et al

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