Saturday, February 14, 2009

All you need is love!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Michael and I enjoyed a baby free day in order to get some home improvement done around the house. We finally finished painting the dining room and I painted Billa's dollhouse shelf. We also went to JoAnn's to dink and to All In One Bake Shop for me to pick up some cake supplies. I just want to buy everything in both stores. We wrapped up our day by picking up the baby from Michael's mom and sister, grabbing a few more things from Lowe's and then getting some chicken strips and Dublin Dr. Pepper from Chicken Express. After putting the munchkin to bed, we watched Pineapple Express and had a good laugh . [sigh] Twas' a good day!

Oh, you're wondering where the part about flowers and chocolates and dinner and candles is? Well, there isn't one. I told Michael yars ago that all I wanted was one good V-day and then he was off the hook forever. He delivered on our first Valentine's day 7 years ago and I've kept my word. Besides, I prefer my man to treat me with all of those things on days that are not prompted by consumerism and Hallmark--it's sooo much more meaningful that way![Yawn] Anyway, it's late and the little one still doesn't undestand the concept of "weekends" so I better pop off to bed to get some shuteye.Love to you all today...and every day!
Kelly and the Gang

PS. Billa's birthday is in 7 days! Yay!

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