Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin'... RAWHIDE!

MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I am triumphant! I have finally managed to capture that most elusive of baby behaviors on film: the rollover! I have posted this rarity for your enjoyment below. In addition, I jazzed it up a bit with iMovie to make it a bit more fun since it's so short. Babies are fast, man. They will eat you alive if you ain't quick...

In other news, Happy Birthday to my dad... he can now officially take advantage of the senior citizen's discount at Luby's since he hit the big 5-5 on Sunday. My treat, Pops! ;o)

My job search is going craptacular right now. For once, my resume is superb. It's finding positions that meet my criteria that's the hard part this time around. Keep your fingers crossed however; a position opened up at my alma mater in the theatre department. I know I'm perfect for it. My friends and colleagues know I'm perfect for it. Now if I can just get the University to know that I'm perfect for the job, I can start looking for day care! [sigh] Job hunting sucks, but I am confident I will find something soon. I better, anyway, since time and money are running out!

Anyhoo, I need to start getting ready to head into Quizno's and Little S needs some more tummy time before Daddy Day Care happens this afternoon. Tune in next time for more excitement & adventure with La Familia Guerra!

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