Monday, May 19, 2008

We be rollin'...

Today we rolled over from our front to our back! All by ourselves! So far, Sybilla is a one trick pony and hasn't duplicated her efforts yet, but I'm sure she will soon! Her other trick at this point is squealing. She has discovered her vocal chords and could give the majority of La Scala's sopranos a run for their money with some of the notes she can hit. The cat isn't too pleased and has been making himself scarce when she's awake.

We have a big week this week, what with our wedding anniversary on Tuesday (2 years!) and Sybilla hits the big 3 months on Wednesday. Then my dad's birthday this upcoming Sunday and my birthday shopping spree. I've waited long enough and now that a job search is eminent, I must dress for success, and the old wardrobe just doesn't cut the mustard.

Speaking of mustard, I won't be visiting the Salt Lick anytime soon! We went there to celebrate Michael's dad's birthday yesterday and apparently the secret ingredient in EVERYTHING is mustard. I thought something was up when the waiter placed a bowl of BBQ sauce in front of me and it looked oddly yellow. When we asked he informed us that yes it did contain mustard, confirming my suspicions. So when he brought a platter of meat with sauce all over it, my sweet husband asked him to bring one out without sauce for me since I was allergic to mustard. The waiter came back with plate as requested and then asked how allergic I was. When I informed him very, he told me I was SOL since all of the meat at the joint is cooked in the damn stuff. Whee. He very kindly brought me a plate of romaine lettuce and some tomato slices since there wasn't anything else for me to eat except pinto beans. On the upside, their pecan pie is mustard-free and FAB-u-less!

We'll keep you posted as Little S makes more progress towards the meantime, enjoy the little video below of her during tummy time filled with squeals and squirms for your viewing pleasure.

Adios! Kelly and the Gang

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