Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pool Party and Hot Mama

On Saturday we went to a pool party that was being held for our godmother's daughter, Taylor. Congrats, Tay!While there, Little S got to experience her first pool party. She actually did really well for her first time. I think she is a genuine, bona fide water baby. I hadn't bought any swim diapers yet, but one of Debi's older daughters had some for her little girl, who is much older than Sybilla. We made it work though and Little S had a blast. See pictures!

Little S in her new the ruffles!

I spent the first part of the day doing part of my birthday shopping with my best friend Kellie. Our husbands watched the kids while we went to various shops in Bee Caves. They live near the Hill Country Galleria and since we got an early start it wasn't too hot to be shopping outside. We made out like bandits at Ann Taylor, one of my fave places to shop. We got coffee at the 'Bucks afterwards. I had decided early that morning that I wanted to get my haircut, and so we made a beeline up 620 and stopped at nearly every salon along the way to see if they had any openings. We found one near Kellie's house that had an opening for a little bit later, so we booked it and went to Target to kill some time. I got some cute tops from Target and a ridiculously cute swimsuit for Sybilla too. Best part? It's not pink! Mwahahaha!!! It's a 12M suit though; she's getting too big for almost everything 3-6M right now!

Water baby!

Anyhoo, after Target, we went back to the salon and I received the most awesome haircut in the world! The gal who did my hair is named Katelyn (check out her website at and she is the bomb diggety! She's worked the last 5 years in Beverly Hills, and me being the little gossip whore that I am, we hit it off chatting about celebrities, etc. After finishing the 'do, she told me that I couldn't leave until we'd made sure that I could get more than two or three looks out of the cut. Her biggest pet peeve? Coming home from the salon and not being able to recreate what the stylist did. I nearly died, I was so happy! If I had been a man, I'd have asked for her hand in marriage. Four days later, I can totally do what she did and more with my hair. You can see the results below. I totally feel sexy and ready to take the world by storm! Now if I can just land an interview somewhere...

What the back of my head looked like...
we called it a reverse mullet because it's
business in front and killer party in back :o)

Speaking of job search, it's still going and so far, nothing. Bummer. I think I am going to send my resume to several staffing agencies and see if that doesn't at least land me a couple of interviews. If anything, they can at least help me tailor my resume and cover letter some more. To infinity and beyond!!

kelly and the gang

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