Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kelly!

My 26th birthday was yesterday and I am now at the tail end of mid-twenties. Next year I will be in my late twenties! Yes, it's silly, but once you hit 21, birthdays aren't that exciting until you hit 30, 40, 50, etc. This birthday was very exciting and quite possibly the best birthday ever because the forces of the universe aligned just so and my child slept for more than two hours in a row. In fact, she slept almost FIVE hours in a row the night before my birthday.

We'd had a particularly rough weekend and Michael and I were both totally zonked come Monday morning from stress and lack of sleep. I had to get up early for a doctor's office and after almost falling asleep at the wheel there and back, suffering really bad allergies/cold symptoms, and having the sinus migraine from hell, I stayed home from work (I'm sorry Debi!) and tried to take turns napping with Michael. I jokingly told Sybilla that the best birthday present from her would be to sleep through the night and have no spit up. Well, she delivered! Little S fell asleep at 10:45 that night and didn't wake up until 3 am, then she went back to sleep after feeding for half an hour, and didn't get up until 7 am. Score one for Mommy!

She also slept hardcore last night too, a trend which I hope continues. She fell asleep at 10:15 and didn't wake up until 4:40!!! She fed for 20 or so minutes after that and then went back to bed until almost 9 when I woke her up. I like the reversal in roles : ) It's nice being the one doing the waking and not being woken up! I was so full of energy from two days of getting more than two hours of sleep in a row, that I got some major creative stuff done (more on that later!), which I have done in so long because I've existed in a sleep-deprived fog.

The other thing that made my birthday so great was just how nice the day was. Debi bought me an ice cream birthday cake (yummy!), the lady who owns the Culver's next to Quizno's brought me a free sundae (yeah!), Michael got me a giant bag of gummi bears (sweet!), and my best friend and her family joined me and my family for pepperoni rolls at Double Dave's for dinner. The picture above is my best friend Kellie and her two kids, Madeleine & Cameron, with me and Sybilla.

Now that I have some additional weight to lose after my birthday binge fest (so worth it!), I am postponing my big birthday present just a little bit Mommy Makeover! Michael and a few other folks have contributed to a kitty for me to buy a new wardrobe now that most of my stuff doesn't fit thanks to my new figure and the fact that I am going to be in the market for a new job in the next few months. I can't wait! I've been window shopping for some time and trying to decide what I will get. I'll post a slideshow a la fashion shoot later!

My parents gave me a Meyer lemon tree, which I am so pumped about. It already has some fruit on it and will be growing some more over the summer. Tastewise, the fruit is like a cross between an orange and a lemon and it is so zesty. It's like lemons on steroids! I've been wanting one ever since Michael's aunt got me turned on to them a couple of months I have to get her lemon icebox pie recipe and go to town!

So that is the birthday report. It's just a few minutes shy of midnight and I should go get some sleep while I can. Until next time!

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