Saturday, April 2, 2011

I FINALLY got word!  It's official, I am now a project manager!  I actually received a phone call from my boss last Friday letting me know my approval went through, but I didn't get the paperwork until today.  At this point, we will be staying in Austin at least until December for sure.  The higher ups decided to put the Atlanta expansion on hold until Q4, so we wouldn't be relocating until end of 2011, early 2012, if we relocate at all.  To be honest, I'm kinda glad.  As much as I loved the idea of going somewhere new, I think I need to work up to that.  I'd really miss my family, my friends, my church, and everything Austin if we were to suddenly relocate.  At least this way, I have more time to relax, visit with family, and explore my hometown even more.  And if we never relocate, no worries!

We're still waiting for Michael's job situation to change, but he at least picked up an extra part time gig at World Market in the meantime.  Once we figure out the whole transportation thing and his job, we can then figure out the child care thing.  One thing at a time I guess! 

I'm happy that I finally have something to orient myself with.  It can be so frustrating not knowing which way to go or where you're going.  I am so grateful for this new opportunity to explore a different career path and I look forward to the challenges it will bring.  We will continue to take each day at a time, just like we have been for the last few months, and really try and listen to what the Big Man is trying to tell us.  Again, that whole lesson in faith and trust and just going with the flow.  Well, I'm listening!


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