Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2010 Recap!

Happy Easter!

This year's Easter was busy, busy, busy!  This year we split our time between Michael's mom and my parents.  We'd visited with Michael's dad and grandparents the weekend before, so that made things a little easier.  We had initially thought we would only visit with Michael's mom since we saw my parents last year, but my grandmother and my Canadian relatives decided to visit with my folks, so that made it a tough call.  It certainly didn't help that I was also performing at the Easter service for church and had lots of rehearsals.  If only we could get another couple of days to recover from all the action!

Anyhoo, we spent a lovely, laid back, low-key Saturday morning with Gigi and a lovely, laid back, low-key Sunday afternoon at my parents after spending an action packed morning at church!  I won't bore you with all the details but we certainly enjoyed ourselves on both counts.

Michael, Gigi, and Billa hanging out on the hammock

Dying eggs at Gigi's!

Our eggs from Gigi's...my favorites are the purple one in the front and the blue one with the red orange scribbles that Billa made.

Billa hunts for eggs at Boppa and Papa's house with Daddy.

"Look at my eggs!"
I wonder what's inside?

The eggs we dyed at Boppa's house.  My favorite is the tricolored purple, orange and red one in the back.  Apparently my family thinks I should be a professional egg dyer now...ha!

Family members:  If you want to see more pictures from this Easter. you can click here for the Slideshow!

Happy Easter,

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