Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Employment Saga Continues...

As this blog post title suggests, things are still wackadoodle with the whole job thing.  I've signed the paperwork and everything for my promotion at work, but it's still going to be a couple of weeks before they get me going on the training.  I thought they were leaning towards NOT sending me out of town for training, but it looks like maybe I was wrong.  So I still have to be prepared for traveling, but it looks like that will be at the end of the month or beginning of May, right around my birthday.  Either way, whatevs.  I'm just glad I don't have to travel next week when my family is in town to visit with my grandmother!

Michael's last day with Borders will be this Thursday.  [sigh]  I'm happy and sad at the same time.  I'm obviously sad because of the loss of his job, but things at Borders became stressful really quickly and it's like walking into a sea of doom and despair in there.  Unfortunately, customers see a liquidation and turn into total jerks.  It also sucks seeing your store trashed every day and pieces of it being carried out by people acting like vultures.  Such is the way of things, I guess. 

We are so blessed however, that an old colleague of Michael's gave him some hours at World Market.  She told him yesterday that she was able to find him some more, so starting next week, he'll be hanging around the 'Market a lot more often!  Which is dangerous, because I'm seriously jonesing for some new dishes and furniture [grin].

Michael is still looking for something more permanent though.  He's had a few interviews, but no bites yet.  I'm proud of him, nonetheless.  He's done a great job with his resume and really getting out there to sell himself.  I know how hard it is, and I don't envy him one bit.  I pray that something will come out of it all though!

It's another week and another day; we'll just continue to take one step at a time.



  1. I sincerely hope something comes along soon for Michael! I also hope your job gets you settled in soon, too! Praying for you & love you!

  2. hi kelly,

    it's my first visit to your sweet blog. i hope all works out for you guys on the job front. it's not easy at all and we can totally relate to your situation. fingers crossed, good thoughts, prayers and hopes for all.

    the reason for my visit is to let you know that you are one of the 3 winners of my annette tatum book giveaway! congrats! please send me your email address so that i may forward it to annette's company. elysemajor(at)gmail(dot)com

    thanks so much and enjoy!




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