Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weeble Wobble Wednesday

I'm calling today Weeble Wobble Wednesday because that's what I feel like.  I have no idea what's caused me to wake up feeling a bit dizzy, but I feel like the leaning tower of Pisa this morning whenever I'm standing.  Good times!

In all fairness, the dizziness could be brought on by the pizza and suds we consumed last night, but I didn't partake of that much and I drank lots of water, so who knows?  Honestly though, I think it's due to the fact that my world has been rocked recently. 

As I was driving home Sunday, I called my parents to tell them about my win at the cake show.  My dad confirmed something that I pretty much knew, which was the fact that my 90 year old grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I'd known she had an oncologist appointment last week and had prepared myself for it, but I hadn't prepared myself for the wave of emotions that crashed over me when I actually admitted to myself that my sole surviving grandparent might not be around much longer.  My family has had it's share of hardships and suffering and I know a lot of that created deep wounds in all of us.  I haven't been the best granddaughter as a result, and I felt immensely guilty over the fact that I don't visit with my grandmother as much as I should.  Michael reassured me that as long as Maw Maw is still here, I still have time to see her and make amends for my lack of visiting her.  I felt much better about that and am planning on visiting her sometime this week and help her with anything that needs to be taken care of.

I've also been rocked by recent developments at work.  I've been feeling a bit stagnant with where I'm at, and for several months I'd been bugging my manager to let me take on more responsibilities and start working towards becoming a project manager.  He and his manager have been incredibly supportive of this, and they agreed to let me start shadowing some of the PM's so that I could learn some more about it.  Then crazy Q4 hit and we all forgot about it. 

Now that things have settled down a bit, I asked him about it again last week and he told me he couldn't talk about it yet because he was waiting for more info from his manager.  Yesterday morning he called me and told me that they were going to skip shadowing for the job and instead outright interview me!  He also told me to think long and hard about relocation as there is a very strong possibility that they may ask me to move to a new office they want to open. 

This happened about five minutes before I had a meeting, so I was a little shell-shocked.  I was wearing my best "deer in the headlights" look that's for sure!  It was certainly hard to focus the rest of the day, what with all the questions running through my head about what a move would entail, would I be able to handle a move as well as a position change, how will it affect my family, does this new city have good Tex-Mex, etc.  (Hey, a girl has her priorities you know.  I need to know that I can get some decent enchiladas, guacamole, and margaritas without too much effort!)

Granted, this is all up in the air right now.  I have to be approved for the position firstly, and then they have to decide whether they're going to open the new office, but it sounds like it's 90% certain that this will all happen.  I can't help but feel that this is all happening for a reason. 

Since starting the Artist's Way back in January, I've been amazed at how much the book has really helped me as a writer and an actor.  I can't help but think that this week's theme of Abundance is part of what's happening to me recently.  I didn't ever think I would act again or work in production and yet, I'm now heavily involved in the production team at our church and performing this upcoming Sunday! I'm writing more frequently and getting positive feedback on it from the peeps at Red Dress Club.  And now, my career seems to be taking off. 

It's a lot to take in and it's no wonder I'm feeling a bit like a weeble wobble!  But you know what's funny about being a weeble wobble?  Is that no matter how much you knock them around, they never fall completely over.  So while this all may be a bit much to take in, I know it's not the end of the world.

Wobbly yours,

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  1. Wow! That's a lot going on Mama! I'll be thinking about you during these weebly-wobbly times. Are the 30s just like that? I don't remember being so weebly-wobbly in my twenties. I need to do the Artist Way again!!! I did it in my 20s, what could I discover now? Also, you have me hooked on the Fever Series. I'm on book 3!!! Please tell me more is revealed about Jerricho Barrons?



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