Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Billa Babble & a Parenting Paroxysm: Supermarket Sorry

So we're at the grocery store (aka "food store") and Billa was beginning to act up and run off farther than we liked.  So Michael scooped her up and proceeded to carry a forty pound squirming toddler through the store.  After awhile his arms got tired, so I switched with him.  Billa somehow figured (and rightfully so) that Mommy was considerably weaker than Daddy and pushed against me, but I held strong.  She then proceeded to hit me in the face with her sippy cup.  I then proceeded to have a mother of the year moment where I promptly smacked her butt and told her that we didn't hit people.  Yeah, I know.  Sheer parenting genius, right?

Anyway, as we're on our way home, Billa is in the back seat and she suddenly annoounces, "My cheek hurts."
"So does mine from where you clocked it with your cup," I pithily reply.
"I sowwy," is the response from the back seat,  "I sowwy, Mama!"
"Tell her thank you," Michael whispers.
"Thank you, Billa.  Apology accepted!"

Now this begs the question...just how much does my daughter REALLY understand and pretends otherwise?  Either way, it was a pretty funny moment!


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  1. hahaha moments like those are funny! There is nothing you can do but just laugh it off !



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