Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to "Normal"

Things have settled down a bit now!  We are officially moved into the new place and I love it, love it, love it!  Because  we're on the second floor, the surrounding trees add greenery and privacy to my every day view.  I used to be all about the nighttime, but I have officially fallen in love with mid-morning thanks to the way the sunlight filters through the foliage.  It faces the north, so I get amazing cross breezes blowing through.  And since the weather has cooled off, I haven't had the AC turned on AT ALL for the last week.  If only I had a second bedroom and some quieter neighbors upstairs, I'd stay here forever!

I have no finished unpacking all of the boxes yet though, and it may be some time before I do.  I'm trying to decide how I am going to decorate in some areas and until I figure that out, I can't unpack some of the boxes.  I also have to reorganize the bedroom closet.  We just started throwing stuff in there and I need to get it to a point where it's focused and less chaotic. But for the most part, everything is a notch above livable.

For my non-Central Texas compadres, fall has arrived!  The temps at night are in the 70's and it's barely risen above 80 during the daytime.  This is the time of year I love best here in the Hill Country - cool, but not too cold, and warm enough that you don't need to break out the winter gear.  It's just so darn comfortable.  And October is definitely my favorite month...let the countdown to Halloween begin!

This month has us going to several birthday parties, baking Halloween treats, going to the pumpkin patch with school, celebrating Uncle David's birthday, and of course, my personal favorite, trick or treating!  Stay tuned for more...Now that we're moved and mostly settled, I am going to start uploading pictures again.

Happy fall,

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  1. Glad yall are moved and settled in! Cant wait to see what halloween goodies you are making!



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