Monday, September 6, 2010

Boxes, boxes everywhere!

Today was Labor Day and I definitely labored! 

Billa and I spent a lazy morning at home; I made her chocolate milk for the first time and she was in L-O-V-E!  Myself I enjoyed a Starbucks Dark Chocolate Frappucino and it was muy delicioso.  Definitely cheaper than actually buying a latte every morning, which I shamefully admit to doing every morning last week.  I don't normally do that mind you, but before I knew it, the gals at the front were cheerfully greeting me with, "Hi Kelly!  Tall nonfat hazelnut latte with two pumps this morning?"  Ok, well not quite, but they did recognize me and they weren't giving me funny looks when I asked for only two pumps anymore.  I knew I needed to change that STAT!

After our lazy morning, we gassed up and then hit Le Target to get some Goo Gone and boxes.  They didn't have either.  Thus began the Saga of the Box Search for the next two hours as I literally drove by every dumpster in the Sunset Valley area trying to find smallish boxes.  It had rained that morning and the majority of the dumpsters had been emptied over the weekend so pickings were incredibly slim.  After only finding five boxes worth salvaging, I finally said 'screw it' and went to Lowe's to buy $7 worth.  Yes, I probably should have done that in the first place since all that driving around most likely  cost me more than the actual boxes themselves.  At least Billa got a nap though!  That's what I call a fuzzy logic win-win :o)

I spent the rest of the afternoon packing, with a little snooze in between and Billa brushed up on some Wonder Pets, which is now available on instant watch through Netflix.  Hooray Netflix!  Now that's what I call team work!  After all of the books are packed (and I do mean ALL of them...we have a lot), most of my baking pans, and the dining room, I am exhausted.  I've decided I have definitely earned myself a wine and movie break.  This evening's feature is the Spiderwick Chronicles!

I am proud of myself for getting this much packing done!  We move in T-minus 20 days, and I just signed the lease last Friday, so I gotta get a move on with my packing so I can get my move on...I'll stop while I'm ahead!


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  1. Packing is a bitch!!!! Glad you are making progress and there is nothing better than getting a head start on it! I went through the same thing looking for boxes, its pure hell!



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