Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday Silly Soakiness

Last Saturday Michael had to work overnight, so Sybilla and I went to spend the afternoon with my mom while Daddy got some sleep.  Billa's favorite thing about Boppa is that she lets her run amok in the garden and outside.  We live in an apartment, so it's not often Billa has a big 3 acre backyard to run amok in.  The most exciting thing that day was when Boppa let Billa water the garden.

I just get tickled pink when I see this picture!

Making a swamp in the right side of the garden.

Making a swamp out of the left side of the garden.  Equal opportunity swamp maker here!

We also visited with Gumerry, our former cat.  Look, he's the size of Texas!  REALLY!

If I ever had doubts about whether he was happy where he was, I have them no more.  Gumerry is one fat and sassy kitty and it shows! (Should you be worried about his weight, never fear.  The vet says 22 pounds is normal for a farm cat built like he is, plus, he has more fur than allergies can attest to it!)

Time to clean up!  Mom just hosed Billa off in the mudroom sink.  Good thing it's big enough to be a bathtub for Billa...that kid LOVES to splash in the bath!

Besides making a swamp out of my mom's garden and playing in the mud and whatnot, I also got some time on the sewing machine and started on the quilt for Billa's room redo I'm working on, plus I got to experiment with a new recipe featuring a star ingredient: serrano peppers.  Yes, my friends, it is the first thing we have harvested from our garden boxes!  I made a honey serrano cornbread that was very delicious, but I think it could use a little tweaking. 

After our fun and wet day, we packed up and headed home, just in time to send Daddy off.  Billa will get to play with Boppa again this Saturday while Michael and I finally go celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.  I can only imagine what hijinks Boppa has in store for Billa this time!


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