Monday, May 31, 2010

An Anniversary to Wine About...

This month Michael and I hit the four year mark of being married and while it was actually a week and a half ago, we weren't able to do anything to celebrate it until this weekend. And really, there was no whining involved, but there was plenty of wine!  My friend John bought us tickets to go to the Austin Wine & Music Festival out at the Domain and we had a great day tasting wines from local vineyards and listening to live music.  The only whining was about the weather, which was hot and muggy, but even with an unexpected downpour in the middle of the festival, we still had a great time!


We started off with a light lunch at Tomo Sushi.  That's John in the back and his friend Amy.


And by light, I mean a lot.  John just kept ordering roll after roll, dish after dish.  The above is sea bass, escolar, butterfish, salmon, and albacore tuna.  My favorite was the escolar; it was like butter and so tender.


This was our favorite roll at Tomo.  It's called the "Say my name!" and was jalapenos spread with cream cheese that had scallops, tuna and crab mixed with it, and is then lightly fried.  It had a spicy chipotle type mayo on top and the texture was amazing.


We were definitely fat and sassy after all that and definitely ready for some wine tasting! (And note to self, Mama and Daddy were right about the slouching...gotta work on that)


It rained for about 30 minutes while we were there so we went under some tents to stay dry.  It was a welcome relief from the heat, but when it passed it just got muggy and gross.


So we cooled off with some frozen yogurt from Mambo Berry.  This stuff is amazing.  This is their swirl with their green tea and original tart.  Yes, I said tart.  The yogurt has very little sugar in it, but you don't miss it at all.  It was so refreshing and delightful without being overwhelming!  If you want to try some, they can be located down on South Congress Tuesday through Sunday next to Hey Cupcake! in the airstream trailer food park.  Seriously.  You need to try it at least once!  And yes, you can get sprinkles on it if you want :o)


John and Michael convinced Amy and I to do a cigar and port seminar with them which was very educational and actually pretty fun.  I love a good port and we were able to sample ports from two different wineries, Dry Comal Creek's 1096 and Stone House Vineyard's Scheming Beagle.   I personally preferred the Scheming Beagle although both were excellent.


And yes, I smoked my first cigar.  It really wasn't that bad since you don't inhale it, but I don't think I will be making a habit of it--it makes it hard to taste anything for a bit afterward and my nose was not happy with me the next day.

All in all, a lovely day.  We are so grateful to our friend John for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this milestone in a way we love best! 

Here's to four years...may there be many more!

Bottoms up,

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time!! Nice to see clearer photos of you guys too ... you are married to quite the hottie! : )

    And the thing about sushi is that you can eat so much of it without feeling sick ... until you stop or accidentally eat wasabi!

    Happy Anniversary!



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