Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 3/23


Ah, it's nice to not be sick.  Well, as sick as I was last week anyway.  I suffered from the flu (or a really bad cold) on Monday and Tuesday, jsut to have it turn into bronchitis on Wednesday.   Dr. Google says bronchitis can last for about 2 to 3 weeks.  Oh goodie.  Just what I wanted–to be hacking my lungs up and unable to breathe for three weeks.  Spring in Texas is bad enough!

Since being sick, I have watched a lot of TV on The Netflix (yes, I deem it worthy enough to have a "The" placed in front of it).  I watched a movie called It's a Boy Girl Thing with one of the chicks from the OC.  It was cute and funny, and it made me forget the fact that my husband and daughter were enjoying enchiladas at our friends' house while I was home alone and sick.  I also watched all three episodes (about 6 hours total) of SyFy's Tinman.  That was an interesting take on the Wizard of Oz and they had a lot of great talent in the movie.  I loved Zooey Deschanel as Dorothy.  I sucked the hubby in watching more boob tube with me this evening, and we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog this evening and it was HI-larious!  We found it on the Instant Play portion of Netflix and the next 45 minutes were some of the funniest, cheesiest, most awesomest minutes ever.  Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion as arch enemies singing and fighting over the same girl.  'Nuff said.  Now go watch it!

I made marmalade last night in preparation for a baking challenge I'm working on.  I was very disappointed.  I love marmalade and the experience was fun and really easy, but it was too sweet.  I know, I know, the baker was gagging on too much sugar.  The recipe said you were supposed to match the cooked oranges ounce for ounce in sugar and I cut back about 1/3 of it because I'm trying to cut down on the sugar intake (hey, 7 pounds lost so far).  Not enough if you ask me.  I had to add salt, it was that cloying.  And it sure would have helped if I actually had pectin on hand...I added some pureed mango from the freezer to it to add some natural pectin, which helped, but then it threw off my sugar ratio again and made it taste a bit funny. [Sigh]  Maybe it will taste better on bread or something.  I didn't spread it on anything because I haven't made the weekly shopping trip.  Being sick and all, you know.  And I'm not a quitter, but I'm really not looking forward to this month's baking challenge.  That's all I can say...because it's top secret until Saturday and I might have to kill you if I told you otherwise.

Something else that leaves me miffed: people who don't use proper grammar.  Now I'm not talking about typos, or using 'then' instead of 'than.' I am talking about blatant disregard for all the rules and worst of all, blatant disregard for punctuation.  Despite being an amazing speller (I won with the word "hippopotamus" in the 2nd grade spelling bee), I sometimes misspell a word.  And sometimes I use past tense when I shouldn't, or the incorrect version of a word (where and wear threw me off for years).  It happens to the best of us.  I don't really care if you use "ain't" or "y'all" instead of "isn't" and "you all" because I'm Texan and that's just part of who we are.  But for the love of sweet baby Jesus and all things holy, PLEASE USE PUNCTUATION!!!  And if you aren't going to use punctuation, at least do me the courtesy of creating a coherent enough sentence that isn't entirely constructed in texting shorthand. I don't care if you overuse the exclamation mark, or use a question mark in lieu of a period, or even forget to use commas.  At least tell me where your damn sentence ends!  GRRR!  And don't y'all DARE leave a comment without punctuation (although, in actuality, I might find it wildly hysterical...just don't make a habit of it).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Now go watch Dr. Horrible and eat some marmalade.  This stuff ain't gonna eat itself.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. ok you asked for it and i have to do it i will write this comment without punctuation or capitalization and it will drive you nuts can i just say the spelling of syfy drives me nuts it does and i have heard great things about dr horribles sing along blog that i should probably just check it out already



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