Thursday, March 4, 2010

"It's quiet...TOO quiet!" Revisited

This is how our evening went:

Door opens.
"Daddy's home!"
[Mommy and Daddy exchange kisses and greetings]
"Billa, Daddy's home!"
"Uh, dear?  Where is our child?"
"I dunno.  She was here just a moment ago, watching Ratatouille."
"Well, she can't have gotten too far."
[Mommy and Daddy search for Billa]
"Billa, where are you?"
"[faintly] Mooooommmy!"
"Billa?" I open the pantry door.
"Oh sweet Jesus." I smack my forehead.
"What's wrong?"
"Michael, get the camera."
"You'll see!"
[Michael hands me the camera]

Curious to see what we saw?  Look away:


Yep, that's our kid, eating marshmallows.  Off the floor.  In my dirty pantry.  After I had told her no more snacks, of course.  I really gotta start paying more attention when things get too quiet around here!  Sybilla had figured out that she could use her stool to reach the higher shelves that have food in the pantry and found an opened bag of marshmallows.  The rest of it is history, as they say.

Time to clean out the pantry!


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