Saturday, March 27, 2010

Naptime is the hardest...

Just some random thoughts...

My mom came to play with Sybilla today while I went to an appointment and did the grocery shopping.  I hadn't stocked our larders in almost three weeks and I was impressed with myself...only $96.70 spent for the next week and a half!  Woot!

Apparently, Boppa's presence in the household did not aid naptime, so when I got home about 2 pm, Miss S was mighty cranky.  And lemme tell ya, there ain't nothin' worse than a cranky redhead.  TRUST ME.  So I tried to lay down with her for about an hour to encourage some additional restfulness after Boppa left.  No dice.  I fell asleep instead.  Shopping done wore me out!

There is more shopping to do tomorrow however, since I have to make a trip to Target and to Costco...hopefully Sybilla and I will both survive in time to come home for a lovely nap.  One in which my child will not strain against my arms and wriggle herself out of my grasp like a slippery eel.  I tell ya, fisherman ain't got NOTHIN' on two year olds.  Talk about the one that got away!

Anyhoo, it's late, I'm tired and even though it's a Saturday night, it's probably best I hit the sack early.  Got a lot to do tomorrow!

I can't even begin to caption this.  It's just...yeah.  I'll let the picture speak for itself.

Happy Saturday,

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