Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tree Decorating 2009

It's officially the Christmas season in the Guerra household!

Last night we finally decorated our Christmas tree. I say finally because we've had the darn thing up since the day after Thanksgiving and we had intended on decorating it that evening, but we all became afflicted with the plague for two weeks. While we are still battling some residual cough and congestion, as a whole, we are feeling much more, well, WHOLE. And now that we're feeling peachy keen again, the dishes have been washed, dinner is being cooked again, and the house is picked up.

Sybilla had a wonderful time decorating the tree; she totally understands the concept of putting the ornaments on the tree and oohed and aahed over every single one of them.


Now if we can just get her to understand the concept of HANGING the ornaments on the tree:

Apparently dumping ornaments in a pile on a branch works just as well as hooking them over the branches!

She even helped me hang up our "star" which are a couple of white doves. I still have yet to find the perfect topper for our tree, so in the meantime, we have a couple of turtledoves nesting on top of the tree.

Billa helps Mama hang up our "burr!"

I'm really sad this picture did not come out more clear, it's definitely our favorite out of all the ones Michael took:


And of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without the gay little elf:


You can see what the little elf's front side looks like here; please disregard my cheesy expression!

Oh, and I take back what I said about us not having a theme to our decorations; apparently we have tons of stars, snowflakes, and birds and a good many of our ornaments are red, silver, and gold.  We had a theme and I didn't even know it!

All in all, we had fun decorating the tree. We also decorated the rest of the apartment as well, but I decided against pulling out EVERYTHING this year. I don't have that many decorations to begin with, but it's kind of nice keeping it to a minimum. Some day when we finally own a house, I'll go crazy every holiday and decorate, but for now, life with a toddler is so much better simplified!

Next on my holiday to do list: finish making gifts, wrap said gifts, bake cookies and cakes, and play Santa!

Happy Holidays,

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