Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas #3 Recap

And the fun continues!

Michael's dad had asked us to do Christmas morning with him and his wife and we were happy to oblige so we stayed the night at their place in order to do so.  Michael's sisters stayed too and we chatted and sang karaoke (I love that stuff!) before heading off to bed to await Santa's arrival.

Billa was the last one to get up Christmas morning, enabling Michael and I to get some coffee and visit a bit with everyone before we all tore into our presents.  Michael's dad gifted him with a laptop which he is very excited about.  Actually, I think I am more excited than he more fighting over the Mac!  My present made us all laugh out was a duplicate of what Michael's mom got me!  Yep, I ended up with TWO mixers!  Since we'd opened the other one already, I took the unopened one back and got myself an iPod touch, of which I am overjoyed.  I definitely made the nice list this year!

Can you tell we're not really morning people?

Mama's got her coffee, I got my milk.  Everything is good now!

Trisa laughs at Mike's says 'Bah Humbug'

Billa got a fun ride on that also doubles as a little wagon for her to pull all of her toys around in.  It's just perfect for dolls and other small items.  Mostly she likes it as a ride on, or rather a chair, in the middle of the living room while she watches TV.  She also got some super cute outfits from her Tata and Michael and I gifted her with some new movies.

I got a banana!  Let's open presents now!

Caitlyn LOVES her new Harley shirt.

Michael says I make the best faces on Christmas morning.  Whatever.

What's in here?

Billa loves her new rider toy!

Sweet!  I got movies!

I totally surprised Michael with a boxed set of Mel Brooks DVD's that he'd been eyeing at Best Buy.  I got them for significantly less at Costco and in the words of my brother Philip, "Nice way to give to yourself too! For the win!"  Seriously, I don't think anything could have excited Michael more than those DVD'S...except maybe the flannel pajama pants and boot socks and I got him (yes, I know, a bit odd, but whatever makes the man happy).

"You can't Tokomada anything!"

I was very happy to receive a baking book I've been eyeing and a cute little cloche hat that I'd seen at Target.  Love love love it!  I've been wearing it every change I get!

I lurves my hat!

We finished up the morning with a wonderful breakfast and then we all parted ways so that we could continue our visits to other family and friends. It was a wonderful Christmas morning and we very much enjoyed doing something a bit different this year!

Kelly & the Gang

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