Friday, December 4, 2009

Billa Babble: Hot, Cold, Hat, Socks, Hurt, Toe, & Wet

In this edition, we've learned about temperature changes, garments, and unfortunately, a little bit of pain.

HOT:  Whenever I'm baking in the kitchen, Billa loves to be nearby and I am so worried about her trying to see in the oven when I'm testing a cake's doneness, that I yell "HOT!" any time she comes near or the oven door is open.  I turned on our gas fireplace to help make things nice and cozy as we got up a few mornings ago and sure enough, Billa saw it, pointed to it, and said (in much the same drawn out manner that I say it), "Haawht."  She kept pointing to it and showing me that she knew what it was.  She also used the word the other day when we were washing her hands and I let her play in the water.  She turned to look at me and said "Haawht."  I felt the water and sure enough, it was a little too warm.  Oops!

COLD:  And just to prove that she knows the opposite of "Haawt.", Billa shivered and said "Cole!" when we were walking down the stairs.  Yes, my dear, it WAS cold!  "Is cole, Mama!" she said again, and snuggled her little head closer to me.  Awww...I think I like cold mornings!

Those are two very important opposites!  But that's not all...we've also learned about different garments, specifically, HATS and SOCKS!

HAT:  Billa pointed to daddy's Irish cap one morning and said "Het."  Then she pointed to her hoodie (which I'd put on her head) and she repeated the word.  It sounds similar to Hot, so we have to listen very carefully to make sure we're understanding what she's saying!  If she finds a hat now, she'll make a game of trying it on her head and then putting it on yours while saying "het" each time.

SOCKS:  Growing up on a farm, it was mandated that shoes came off the minute you walked in the door.  You didn't want to get manure and mud all through house which there tended to be plenty of on a horse boarding farm!  The habit has stuck for me into my adult life and now we've taught Billa the same thing.  She comes in, sits down and immediately starts to undo the Velcro on her shoes.  She's definitely gotten better at removing them from her feet, but her socks are another matter.  She'll tug on the toe of them, stretching them as far as she can, but she always gets stuck.  So then she yells out, "Docks!  Docks, Mama!" and we remove them together.  I love that "socks" is actually "docks."  Tee hee!

As for the pain portion, I have to preface this with the fact that Billa is ok.  As a result of an injury a few Fridays ago, she learned HURT and TOE.  She was playing chase with daddy and was running to the front door when suddenly she fell down and started crying and screaming.  We both rushed over and couldn't figure out what was wrong until she stood up and tried to walk.  She was limping from what we guess was either a jammed toe or sprained ankle.  We asked her where it hurt and she pointed to her foot and cried, "Huhwt."  We hugged her and loved on her, let her watch some 'toons and gave her Bubba early and the put her to bed.  We decided to wait until morning before deciding if we needed an ER trip (which we didn't thankfully).  The next morning, she had completely forgotten her injury until she tried to come to our room at which point she collapsed again and hollered something mighty fierce.  We asked her again where it hurt, and she pointed to her toes and said plain as day, "Toe.  Huhwt!"  Let me tell you, parents of small ones, you better hope your toddlers don't get sprained ankles because trying to keep them inactive to let it heal is nigh to impossible!  Billa also learned "Ow!" as she said it often enough while trying to walk or God forbid, run, all day Saturday.  Ay ay ay!

And lastly, we have the word WET.  Sybilla has somehow discovered how to make a spill proof cup strew it's contents everywhere, which is a huge annoyance for us.  And if bashing the cup isn't getting enough liquid out, she can always resort to sucking it out and then letting it dribble out of her mouth everywhere.  This morning she was doing exactly that, much to her Daddy's chagrin.  She got milk all over her bare belly and then cried out, "Wet!"  "Well, yes, Billa, you are wet!" Daddy said, exasperated.  "Why would you do that?"  I didn't hear what happened after that, but she mentioned the word to me again later when she leaked her milk right in front of me.  Kudos on knowing the word, child, but you could please keep the milk in your mouth?

Until next time,

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