Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Pix and 100th Post!

Wow! It's our one hundredth post! Hard to believe I started this little venture a little over a year ago. Yeah, I forgot the blog's birthday. Oh well, 100th post is way cooler I think. So to celebrate our 100th posting, I'm going to finally post some of the Easter pix I got from my parents. The pictures below are some of our favorites. And in case you're wondering, the black corners are where the shutter on my mom's camera were sticking. I think a certain someone with sticky waffle fingers was playing with something she shouldn't have...

Billa shows off her Thriller dance

One happy (and very tired) family with their spoils

Michael finds an egg in the those thorns Daddy!

An extra inch or two from the gene pool would have been really nice right about now!

Wait, the treat is INSIDE the egg!? Well, that explains a lot!

Billa reaches for an egg

So there you go! I'll post the complete album through Picasa which you can access to the right in the sidebar. Happy one hundred, Pencil of War!

Adios amigos,
Kelly & the Gang

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