Wednesday, May 6, 2009

27 Years...Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 27th birthday! Thank you to everyone for all of their well-wishes!

I decided that since most birthdays after 21 get overlooked (with the exception of 25, 30, 40, etc) I wanted to do something different and extra special to commemorate 27 years on this earth. I haven't really done much for myself lately and so I decided to get my ears pierced for the FIRST TIME EVER. Yeah, I know... I have a tattoo and gave birth with no drugs and I've been terrified of a piercing gun. My boss was so sweet and let me out of work early, so I met Kellie at the mall and got my ears done at Claire's. I decided on some really cute sparkly CZ studs so I have some pizazz for the next six weeks. I was so terrified by it until the girl punched the first one in and then I was like, "Oh. Yeah that really doesn't hurt that bad after all." Kellie just laughed.

My ears BEFORE (and yes, Billa has a shiner...the child is going through a growth spurt. Gives a whole new meaning to "growing pains!")

My ears AFTER... aren't they pretty? (Now you know where Billa gets her eye color from! And yes, I am wearing one of her barettes)

Michael got me a pair of lovely silver filigree earrings and a brand new icing spatula...weird, yes, but when you're a baker, it's nice to get a top of the line piece of equipment! Michael's mom gave me a pair of tickets to go see Rent next week, which I've never seen onstage and have always wanted to. (Let's see...who shall I take? I'm going to go with...T-Pain! I'm on a boat...) Now to find a babysitter...

My cousin Katy finally sent me Billa's birthday present and with it were some lovely treats for me: a really cool spoon rest made by a local potter on Denman Island, BC and some honest to goodness Denman Island chocolate. Heck yes! Billa's present was also a gift for me since it is a new edition of one of my most favoritest books from my childhood: Garbage Delight, which is kooky Canadian poetry at it's best. This new version includes new poetry along with some of my old favorites. I just about cried tears of joy I was so excited and overcome with nostalgia.

Right before they left for their honeymoon, Mike and Trisa gave me a really cute set of appetizer plates from Williams Sonoma that have vintage fruit advertisements on them. Tres mignon! They also gave me a fabulous coffee table book on a wedding cake designer out of New York who does AMAZING work. I've already thumbed through it a million times.

My friend John from work surprised me with a "Death by Chocolate" cake. He knows of my love for all things dark chocolate and we frequently share bits of high quality chocolate and discuss wine pairings with them when we're, have a free moment at work ;o) Beth, my fellow Birthday Brigade buddy, got me a cute card with cupcakes all over it and a really neat balloon. I do wish she had gotten me the Dora the Explorer balloon after all, but oh well!

All in all, it was a great day made especially great by all the phone calls, email and Facebook well wishes (you know who you are!). I thank you all for making my 27th birthday super special!

Love to you all,

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