Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels & Demons sneak peek and Other News

During Michael's quest for gainful employment, a fellow at the Armani store gave him a free pass for two to go see Angels & Demons tonight. Not sure why, but I don't care. I haven't seen a movie in awhile and since Michael's been unemployed, we had to hold off on seeing some of the new blockbusters for a bit :o( But free tickets are good and free babysitters are even better! Thanks to Beth for being available on really short rock!

The movie doesn't release until this Friday so security was a little ridiculous for the movie. They searched my purse and they even used those metal detector thingies from the airport to sweep people's bodies. They were banning cell phones and all recording equipment to prevent the movie from leaking early. I honestly don't understand why people do that; the quality is always terrible and it's really kind of sad when you think about it--I mean come on, you took a picture of a movie on your cell phone?! You. are. so. cool. [eye roll] Anyway, security wasn't all that vigilant because they not only missed my cell phone but my hidden stash of Sour Patch Kids and Peanut M&M's that I had snuck in. It's so funny... I was more worried about those being found than my phone, LOL!

I've read the book and I have to say, this was a very good adaptation of the book. I made sure that I did NOT reread the book before I saw the movie; I did that with Harry Potter #5 and came away hating it. When it finally came out on DVD and I watched it again, it was WAAAAY better. As with any book that gets made into a movie, there are going to be scenes and mini plots that get cut, but I didn't truly miss anything they'd taken out. The action moved along fairly quickly, but not so fast that you couldn't understand what was going on and the story flowed smoothly. I have to say, by far, my favorite scene is [SPOILER ALERT - if you've read the book, this won't matter - skip to the next paragraph if you'd rather not know] where the bomb explodes in the sky. It was freaking A-MAZE-ING. I get chills just thinking about, it was really well done and beautiful. I would believe in just about anything had I experienced that in real life.

My only issues with the film are that I kind of feel that the Camerlengo is skewed from the beginning, and they make reference to Langdon's previous escapades with the Church, which if we want to be picky (and we will), Angels and Demons happens BEFORE the Da Vinci Code. I swear that the first film references the events from Angels and Demons but Michael says no. Of course, I am now obligated to try and prove him wrong. Ok, and one more thing: when you see a story like this that has the main character endure so much, you hope to see them change somehow. While I know that the character of Robert Langdon will always remain skeptical of religion and God, I felt saddened that he didn't seem to change at all. Michael did point out that his last lines infer that he will be pondering the words of the cardinal and hopefully gain some sort of spiritual insight and that made me feel better. You should always care about a character; otherwise, what's the point of telling the story?

Overall, great movie and we had a lot of fun going out and seeing a sneak preview of a new movie before most everyone else! Tomorrow night, we see Rent! Yay! Advance thank you to Michelle & Caitlyn... Billa is going to have fun playing with her aunties!

[Yawn] And before I sign off, I have to announce that Michael has found gainful employment... he is now going to be working for Harley Davidson! How neat is that? We are very thankful for this opportunity; prayer is a powerful thing :o) Michael will post some later as he finds out more. We haven't heard anything from Ghosthunters yet; we might not, we'll see, but as always, we'll keep you posted. Tomorrow I promise that I will post some cute pictures of Billa. I need to play with the settings on my camera though as I seem to be having to do a lot of editing and color work on the pictures we've been taking which makes me think that someone has been playing with something they shouldn't have...

And now, it's night-night time!
Kelly & the Gang

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