Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Year Wellcheck, Early Mornings, and Look Ma, No Hands!

Daycare was closed last Friday so I took off from work for a much needed day of rest and to take Billa to the doctor for her 12 month checkup. She got three shots (Dtap, MMR, and Hep A) and did really well with them. She only cried because we held her down and then stuck her, but once she was allowed up to run around, she was good to go. Dr. Patil was impressed with her mobility and Sybilla even performed her Happy Feet for the good doctor! Dr. Patil is also glad that Billa is not a juice fiend, is no longer using bottles (we've been using sippy cups for about 3 months now), and is eating relatively healthy.
Her stats are:
Height – 29" (50th percentile)
Weight – 25# (95th percentile)
Head – 46cm (75th percentile)

Sybilla has been sleeping a lot better lately and has adjusted well to being weaned off bedtime nursings. We're still nursing in the morning when she wakes up and I had considered weaning her off of those now that she's a year old and getting her nutrition from other sources. However, Michael and I have noticed that she really looks forward to these feedings as evidenced by her morning behavior as of late. Usually she would wake up about 4 or so and Michael would go in to give her a pacifier and put her back to sleep. The last couple of mornings however, he's walked in to find that she still has her paci in her mouth! She sees him, makes a disgusted noise and then throws herself down on her pillow to go back to sleep. Apparently Daddy is not what she wanted! This morning was even funnier. Michael went it to find her with TWO pacis—one in her mouth and one in her hand! He put her back to bed and when I went in a bit later, she still had them both and promptly dropped one and spit out the other to get her wake up snack. Too funny!

Sybilla 1 year old, Gardening with the Marino's!

We've also recently discovered that Billa is a little daredevil. She has taken to climbing just about everything she can and she just about gave me a heart attack this weekend when I caught her banging on the wall in the living room. This wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that she was standing on a swivel chair doing it! She had pushed her little wicker rocking chair up to the swivel chair and climbed from the floor to her chair, and then into the swivel chair. We've since had to start teaching her to sit down on her bottom in her chair, which she's getting very good at. Lord only knows what she'll learn next!

Until next time,
Kelly & the Gang

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