Thursday, March 12, 2009

Billa Babble – Word(s) of the Week: Bubble, Cat, & Water

It's time to introduce a new feature to Lapiz de la Guerra! In the last few weeks, Billa's chattering and babbling has started to take on a lot more sounds and there have been several times where we would swear she just said a word. There are naysayers who are thinking that she's too young to understand what she's saying or what we're saying and that this is just first time parent silliness. To you I say, FIE! When my girl comes running to me, arms outstretched and moaning "A-ma!", I think she understands a lot of what is said to her and is repeating the words she hears. She might not be using them in a gramatically correct complete sentence, but we're working on it! And speaking of working on it, I AM trying to curb my sailor's mouth, so you can all stop right there with your lectures on my swearing habits. Without further ado….


Our first word is CAT. On Friday morning, Billa was running around on the patio with Gumerry before we left. She chased him back in the living room where she proceeded to point at him and say loudly: "Ca! Ca!" (As in CAT, but without the T, not 'caw,' like a crow) I wasn't really sure she'd said it until she repeated it again before terrorizing poor Gumerry further.

Our second word is BUBBLE. On Saturday, Mommy found a bottle of bubbles while she and Daddy were unpacking boxes and cleaning/organizing (we were a bit delayed due to Michael's hand injury in December just after we moved in). She LOVED the bubbles and as she stood reaching for them forlornly, she said "Buh-buh" with the same intonation I had been using! She then said it again when I repeated the word.

Our third word is WATER. Monday night I went to the gym and when I got back I was drinking out of a bottle of water. Billa loves water bottles and I gave her mine when I was almost finished with it. Michael continued to play with her while I took a shower and he came running in a few minutes to tell me that she had said water! I asked him what it sounded like and he said it sounded like "Ah-her." We tried to get her to say it again and she said something that sounded like it, but by then she was distracted and ran off.

So there you have it folks! Tune in next time for more Billa Babble!
the Guerra Gang

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