Sunday, March 29, 2009

Billa Babble: Play, La La La, Paci, Ball, More, All Done, & Bye

Hello all! Still have not gotten the camera back. I'm about to go stalk Michael's cousin's house to see if I can catch him and get it back. In other news, I finally caved and joined Facebook. You can find me under Kelly Guerra. I have to laugh. In three days, I have more friends than Michael has gained in a year. MWAHAHAHA! Victory is mine!

Now, onto the words of the week(s)!

Our first word is PLAY. Billa brought me the remote the other day and handed it to me. I asked her if she wanted me to play some 'toons for her and she repeated the word play. It came out more like 'pay'. Later she brought me the remote again and said 'pay.' We've really got to start limiting our Noggin time...

Our second word is LA LA LA. While this is really a string of words, it's really cute to hear Billa sing. If we start singing to her, she'll sometimes repeat it. I did manage to capture some of it on film, but again, that will have to wait until we retrieve our camera.

Our third word is PACI. Pronounced 'passy' as in pacifier. Yes, Billa still uses one but only at night or in the car when she's really fussy. Anyhoo, when we nurse in the mornings, I usually set her paci on the dresser next to the rocker and give it back to her when we're done. She reached towards it the other morning and said 'paci.' Of course, at 5:45 I wasn't all there and finally realized what she was saying after she said it 5 times.

Our fourth word is BALL. Billa recognizes a ball when she sees ones and today we were playing with one at her Zeti & Tata's. She sad "bah!" and ran towards it. Too cute!

Our fifth word is MORE. This morning we had special pastry bites for breakfast and when she had finished her first one, she pointed at the box and said 'more!' Success!

Our sixth word is ALL DONE. Ok, that's really two words, but it's a big deal. When she finishes her food or we've decided she's had enough of sugar/playtime/chaos, we always tell her "All done!" in a loud voice. Tonight she finished her dinner and said "Da! Da! Ah dunh!" (translated as Daddy, I'm all done!) WE were VERY excited as it can be hard to tell at dinner if she is finished with her food or making poops.

And our final word is BYE. Billa has now coupled the good bye wave with 'bye.' There is no mistaking what she is telling you. She totally stole the cake store ladies' hearts when she waved at them, said 'bye' and then gave them a big gummy smile on our way out after my icing class yesterday.

There are other things she has said in the last few weeks, but since it's so intermittent, it can be hard to remember them until she uses the word in context again, which is why I skipped posting words last week. Anyhoo, it's late and time to head to bed. Until next time,

Kelly & the Gang

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