Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God for CSI and BSG!

I actually tried to go to work yesterday and it was a miserable fail... I ended up leaving at lunchtime yesterday and I didn't go in today because I was still so sick. I actually got sort of chewed out for even trying, which was nice for a change, but still odd. Kinda sad when you think about that for a bit... Anyhoo, I dropped the baby off at daycare this morning and came back to sleep the sleep of the dead. I had weird dreams too, which is also partly why I hate being sick. I have weird dreams to start with (just ask Michael) and sick dreams are the worst because they're always awful. The following is an example of a Kelly dream:

My friend Kellie Marino receives a gift which she must return to Walmart. We both hate Walmart and she tells me that I HAVE to go with her: "I can't this do this alone, Kelly!" Dramatics aside, I agree reluctantly. We travel to Walmart in darkness late at night and are forced to park in a parking lot on the side of the store. We are traveling in Kellie's white truck, which she no longer has in reality. We go inside to the chaos and discover that the store has a "flow." You must follow said flow through the store or you get arrested otherwise. Therefore you have to know where everything is, have a list, or go 'round the store twenty times to get all the things you forgot. And there is no lollygagging, which is somewhat fortunate, although in my dream, there are rulebreakers galore. We've taken the kids on this ridiculous journey which means three children under the age of four with us in a huge store, at night, that is crowded. At some point the kids wander off and then return, minus Sybilla. I am wigging out and drilling the kids as to her whereabouts and trying to calm myself. They run off again, but return with her, just dandy. THANK GOD. We continue on our journey and some guy tries to take my wallet from me. I catch him and because I am already in an anxious state of mind and on the verge of a panic attack in this crazy socialist Walmart, I start beating the snot out of this dude (remember that this is a dream people!). Kellie is trying to pull me off of him telling me "It's not worth it, Kelly! It's not worth it!" while I'm pummeling the dude with my bare fists. Security finally drags him away and Kellie distracts me by telling me to go get the truck and that she'll keep an eye out for the kids. I go out to the parking lot and THE TRUCK IS GONE, along with half the other cars in the parking lot. If I thought I had lost it before, I was bat shit crazy now! Eventually we get the truck back and we all make it home safe and sound if not a little worse for wear. (And that is why I never shop at Walmart among other reasons. You'll get arrested for going against the "flow"!! Walmart is the devil! Down with slavery and destruction of small town values!!!)

See what I mean? When I finally woke up after lunchtime today, I logged into work for a bit and then logged off, snoozed a bit and then turned on the telly for some good ol' CSI action. That was followed by dinner making (French toast--thank you to the hubby for helping me with that) and then more CSI, bath time for the baby, and then BATTLESTAR!! There must be some unspoken rule in Hollywood that any show that can be abbreviated by initials or one word must be awesome (at least for a season or two): OC, CSI, BSG, Firefly, etc.

Tonight the Cylons and the Colonial Fleet have returned for their final season. Thank God too, because any longer on the wait and I would have written off the show forever. (Producers worldwide take note: don't make your audience wait too long to see the show) This evening's episode was quite good, although I was a bit let down by who the final Cylon is. I will not reveal anything even though the episode has aired because I know some readers haven't seen it yet. Needless to say, next Friday won't come quick enough.

So there is my day in a nut shell. I'm up so late because I slept so much today but I will be heading to bed soon since I am now yawning.

K & Co.

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