Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eleven Months Old!

Yesterday Billa hit the 11 month mark. My, how time flies! She's learning new things every day and her personality is really starting to develop. She doesn't have any words in her vocaublary but she definitely has a lot to say. She babbles constantly and we love making phrases out of what she says. I asked her the other night if she wanted milk, and her response sounded a lot like "Heck yeah!" We certainly got a kick out of that!

She's also discovering things around the house which means it's time to step up to the next level of baby proofing. She opens cabinets and drawers and love to open and close doors. She wants to play with everything that isn't a toy and she is fascinated by things that make noise. She loves to dance and squeal and chase the cat. She loves snuggling with mommy and daddy in the early morning for a few minutes before we all get up and get ready. And she definitely loves playing with her friends! She's starting to pitch a fit when I pick her up from daycare and all of her friends are still there.

With her birthday being a month away, birthday season has begun! We have a party to attend this weekend for her friend Jack from daycare, next weekend is Madeleine's party, and the weekend after that is a party for another friend from daycare! Then a free weekend and then it's HER birthday! Phew!

Anyhoo, I'll post some more pictures and videos soon. Things have been chaotic since Michael got his surgery done two weeks ago, but his hand is healing much faster than they anticipated. I am very excited by this because it means things will be back to (relatively) normal sooner than we thought.

Until then,
K & Co.

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