Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being thick suckth...

YES, the stress has finally caught up with me. I am home sick today with a massive head cold and it sucks. I hate being sick. The nice thing is that daycare is less than 5 minutes away and so we were able to drop her off this morning so I can sleep all day. I've been going going going for so long without really stopping to take care of myself and now I know this is God's way of syaing, "Slow down, girlfriend!" (Ok, maybe not the girlfriend part, but I like to think that maybe God is one of my closest buddies... so He can talk however He wants!)

I'm about to rummage for some food since I haven't since last night. I schlupped the kid off and then came straight home to crash and I just got up a bit ago. I have to do SOME work since I have a big deadline, but I am so thankful my job allows me to work from home remotely in order to do it. Monkey slippers and fuzzy robes for all!

I got up to check my friend Caroline's blog... she's due any day now and I keep hoping that she won't have posted anything because it means Baby George is here! But alas, so far, nothing as far as I know. She did post a memorial about her Daddy, which made me a little sad... he died a year ago yesterday and he was such a sweet man. I'm sad for Caroline that Train isn't here to meet Baby George, but if my beliefs about the Other Side are true, he's already met the lucky guy or gal and sending his blessings to Caroline and Matt.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna go rustle up some grub... more later cowpokes!

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