Friday, June 27, 2008

Michael's First Blog Entry

This being the Guerra Clan blog, it is about time that I wrote one. The big news is that my birthday party was amazing! There were beef and chicken fajitas, which my father-in-law and I grilled out back. The meat came out soooooooooo good! We had beer, wine, sangria, punch, soda, and a few other choice drinks on hand to make the merry-making possible. There were baked goods a plenty, which my amazing, beautiful wife produced. The cheesecake and Mexican wedding cookies were a huge hit.

As for entertainment, I’d say it was a total win: Rock Band – 5,000 points, Michael’s jokes – 0. We all took turns playing and singing to the very loud music, and everyone had a great time. There was a piƱata (essential for, if you haven’t guessed yet, a fiesta), which didn’t last very long. It came off the rope on the second swing. After that we just tossed it like a baseball, and, like any good baseball game, the bat broke. The bat in this case, however, was my father in law’s driver from his club set. Awesome!

The highlight of the evening may have been my sister’s boyfriend. Actually, it wasn’t Matt himself, but what he so amazingly did. My mother-in-law cries out that the sour cream tastes like whipped cream. Now my wife, doubting her mother’s opinion as she usually does, swears that it is sour cream until she takes a bite of it herself. Nope, it is really whipped cream! My dad chimes in with, “I wondered why my fajitas were so sweet!” Thanks, Matt, for putting the whipped cream in the sour cream dish.

It was a freakin’ sweet party, and I got some very nice gifts along with my friends joining me for a fun-filled evening: A three day pass to ACL from my father, a new cigar humidor from Carl and my mother and my wife, a new lighter and some very choice sticks from the Marino Clan, and a fiesta I will never forget from my wife and her family. I had such a great time that now my wife wants a huge party for her next birthday. I hope I can top this one!

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