Monday, May 16, 2011

Who's been lazy?

Ooh, ooh–me! Me, me me!!!

Ok, to be fair, my therapist would tell me that I haven't been lazy, my energy has simply been focused elsewhere.  It's not like I was sitting on my bum doing absolutely nothing for almost two weeks.  Although if I could figure out how to do that without driving myself insane, I'd be all over that like white on rice.

Instead, my energies were diverted to my trip to Chicago for training.  Part of my recent promotion involved heading to the Windy City (well, one of it's suburbs anyway) for a whole week to edumacate myself on how my company does project management.  It was a lot of fun when I got there, but the few days leading up were kinda hectic.  Packing, worrying that the plane might drop out of the sky (I really hate flying), cleaning, making sure that Billa and Michael would be ok, worrying that I'd experience airplane ear and my head would explode, worrying that something would happen to Billa and Michael, unpacking and repacking, and more worrying.  The plane didn't fall out of the sky (duh), and Billa and Michael were fine.  I did experience one helluva case of airplane ear, but my head didn't explode.  I lost my hearing for about a day and experienced intense migraines, but that was all.  I need to find me some earplugs for next time I fly [shiver].  I did get a chance to visit with one of my relatives who live there and to visit Millennium Park for an hour or so before I flew out.  I gotta say, Chicago in the springtime is GORGEOUS! 

I also celebrated my very first 29th birthday!  Next year, I will be celebrating the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I spent the momentous occasion getting a mani and pedi, shopping, and eating junk food until I could burst.  And the best part was that I did it all by myself.  Not that I required assistance for these things.  Sometimes all a girl wants is some alone time, ya know?  My presents included a new case for my iPad, a super cute laptop bag for my new work computer, and the pedi/mani.  My mother in law gave me a really neat solar powered butterfly for the garden that glows at night and Michael's grandmother gave me a fun little ceramic cross that she had for years.  All in all, turning 29 for the first time felt pretty good!  Most of my friends and family were all out of town or otherwise occupado, so there is still more birthday shenanigans to be had this month, hooray!

Mother's Day was equally nice.  I baked enough to feed a small army and then had half the brunch attendees cancel on me due to some stomach bug.  Oh well.  It was a lovely morning with just us and Michael's mum.  Michael and Billa both got me jewelry; Michael gave me a long necklace made of bluish black pearls that I can wear several different ways.  I love me some versatility.  Billa gave me a pink and silver butterfly bracelet that she made at school.  She was so proud of the work her teacher she did. I totally wore it every day the week I was gone!

Now that I'm back home, I'm just kicking back a little bit before the craziness at work and with the baking sets in next week.  Michael and I will celebrate five long years this Friday and Memorial Day is coming up.  It's going to certainly be a busy rest of the month and early summer, so if I've been a little lazy, forgive me.  I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm.


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