Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on Baby Hayden

I spoke to Kellie late last night as she and Anthony were headed home. Baby Hayden is resting comfortably in his own room at Dell Children's and being attended to by a very wonderful staff of nurses and doctors who are determined to help him eat on his own. As his mom said, it's déjà vu but without all of the drama, which is refreshing for once! After examination, Hayden's cleft palate is mild and is only affecting the soft palate in the back, but it is causing some issues for his breathing and feeding. He also has a very small lower jaw, which could be an indicator of something else, but only time will tell. They are going to keep until he can feed on his own and will then determine a course of action at that point. An hour of Google research revealed that in cases like these, they will usually fit the child with a device to help "plug the hole" essentially until he's a bit older for surgery to repair, 6 months being the youngest and 12 to 18 months being the norm. They're going to try and take the other kids to go see their new baby brother today and hopefully learn some more. So for now, we're still praying and we're cheering Baby H on!

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