Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Billa Babble: Billa, Snack, Go and Puzzle

Who wants some more Billa Babble? You know YOU do! So here we go...

First up, BILLA. Yep, folks, the child knows thyself. I was in bed trying to catch a few more z's on Sunday morning listening to Billa and Michael play in the living room. One of Billa's new pastimes is to pull the framed pictures off the bookshelves and arrange them elsewhere. One of these is her from Valentine's Day. Michael started pointing at her picture and told her "Billa!" She then repeated it, but it sounded like "Bil-ya!" She said it several times and when I came out of the room I tried to get her to say it but all she wanted to say then was "MAMA!" Go figure.

Our next word is SNACK. FINALLY, we are getting somewhere. Typically when Little Bit wanted a snack, she'd run in the kitchen and scream "MAMA!" until I guessed correctly. This ordeal often ended in a meltdown from one or both parties. Yesterday our problems were solved! I asked Billa if she wanted a snack and she responded, "Nach? Nach?" It sounds like 'snack' without the s and k, but hey, I'll take it! Phew!

Our third word is GO. It's funny when kids learn words but even funnier when they actually use it in the right context! We were driving home today and Billa started chanting "Go, go, go, go!"

Our final word is PUZZLE. Michael was watching Noggin with Billa this evening and she loves Puzzle Time, which if you're not familiar with PT on Noggin, it's basically a little commercial-like segment that has a simple puzzle for the kids to solve. Example: Which one of these three cats is different from the others? And one of those cats will have stripes and the others don't. When I say our child loves Puzzle Time, she LOVES Puzzle Time. She screams and yells and jumps up and down. Tonight, she yelled "Puh-yuhl!" when it came on. Smartie pants...

So there's your Billa Babble fix. Until next time!


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