Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Then and Now

Just for kicks...I was rummaging through old photos the other day trying to find some baby pictures of myself to compare with Sybilla's pictures. Billa has my coloring (hair and all), my nose and lips, and I think she has my eyes too. Her daddy's eyes are more almond shaped than mine and Billa's are big and round. Her little face is much rounder than mine (she looks like a cabbage patch kid!) and she has big ears, but not big monkey ears like me :o) Enjoy this blast from the past and hopefully I can get some baby pictures from Michael's family to post so we can compare Billa to him!

Mommy (L) and Billa (R) about 2 weeks old:

Mommy (L) and Billa (R) at 7 months:

K & Co.

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