Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sleeping Better Than the Baby (For Once)

Michael and I got the best gift ever on Saturday night. We've received so many wonderful things for Sybilla, which have all been fantastic, but nothing compared to the gift my parents gave us. They took the Little Bit for a sleepover with Mamo and Papa, which enabled us to get 7 straight hours of sleep. Yeah, you read that right... SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS!!!! Some folks might think we're crazy, but when you have a 7 week old baby who wakes every two hours to feed for 30 minutes then grunt and sleep fitfully for an hour and half, seven hours of uninterrupted sleep is manna from heaven! We were still tired on Sunday (I don't know that we will ever catch up on all the sleep we've lost over the past two months), but not as tired as my parents! And I still woke up at 1, 3, and 5 am which is when 'Billa wakes to feed (yeah, it sucks...no pun intended), but beyond that, Michael and I felt great!

I don't think we'd have appreciated that gift before she was 7 weeks old since we'd been cruising on adrenaline and pure gumption. But starting about 5 weeks we'd been starting to wonder what the hell we'd been thinking by having a baby. I asked Sybilla one morning why she was so darn cute when I changed her diaper and she gave me this huge gummy smile and cooed at me. My smart ass husband responded that it was the only thing keeping us from killing her. I will state now that we have done nothing to harm our child, but there have been those moments when you start to understand how Shaken Baby syndrome occurs (they probably start with 6 hour non-stop crying jags).

In other news, I no longer work for Keller Williams. I was supposed to meet with HR on Friday, but was unable to make it thanks to Michael stepping on a nail and being at the doctor so I had no babysitter. Well, that meeting was to inform me that they'd made the "business decision to replace me and my position within my department." To be honest, I'm not that bent out of shape about it. I just wish I could have been the one telling them goodbye : ) I am very happy since things had been so stressful and terrible for the last few months and I was never really happy there anyway. I'm going to work for my friend Debi in her Quizno's in Buda to earn a little bit of cash until I figure out what and where it is I really want to be doing career-wise. So three cheers for freedom!

We've taken some cute videos of Sybilla and we'll post one as soon as we can! Love to all, the Guerras

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