Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap!

Halloween was a blast this year.  Because of our recent financial difficulties, it was a little bit different than I had hoped (I didn't get to do the costumes I really wanted to), but we got to dress up nonetheless and we had so much fun trick or treating twice.  Yes, you read that correctly. TWICE.

Billa and Mama

My parents' HOA does a Halloween hayride every year since the neighborhood is so large and the houses spread so far apart (it's rural Hays County, what can I say).  It's a win win for everyone: the kids are kept safe by going in big group, it fosters a sense of community, and for those giving out candy, it means one visit only so you aren't constantly bombarded by the doorbell ringing every two minutes.  Billa wasn't the youngest by far, but she was one of the littler ones.  She really enjoyed running up to every house and saying, "Trick er please!" for her candy.  She got quite a bit too!  My parents house was one of the last stops and after heading there, she had a total meltdown because she thought she was done and wanted to stay with Boppa and Papa.

One of the funnier moments that evening was when she tripped in someone's yard and fell down.  She cried for all of two seconds before seeing the other kids pass her and then pushed us away to hobble to the door to get candy.  Girl has her priorities, ya know!  There were also a few times when she got really confused and bypassed people in their yards in favor of running up to their doors instead.  At one house, the lady was just as confused as Billa when B ran past her to ring the doorbell.

"Trick or please!"

Halloween night we went trick or treating with the Marino and the Patterson family.  This is now the third year that we've gone trick or treating as a group and it's been so much fun.  The kids are all so close in age and they play together pretty well.  Billa got tons more candy, although this time she was more interested in every dog and cat at every house we stopped by.  She kept waving people off so she could pet the dogs and even refused candy at some houses as a result.

All the little trick or treaters: Bumblebee the Tranformer (Cameron), Ariel the Little Mermaid (Madeleine), Tinkerbell (Sydney), Superman (Jacob), and the Halloween Sprite (Billa)

Ding dong!

At several houses, Billa was far more interested in people's pets than the candy.  I can't complain! 

I think Halloween is easily Billa's favorite holiday now.  It's not just the candy or dressing up (which she really enjoyed; she got mad at me when I didn't put her tutu on fast enough!) but the decorations that she loves.  Every house that had decorations she wanted to stop and look at.  One of the houses next door to her daycare had a lot of Halloween decor in their yard; the morning after Halloween they had taken it all down (I still haven't taken mine down...I'm in denial that it's over) and she keeps saying "Mama, puh-kin patch gone.  Ghost gone.  Puh-kin patch gone!" in the saddest little voice ever.  Somebody loves themself some Halloween!

The only problem now is figuring out what to do with all of the candy we got.  I've probably eaten my weight in it by now, so I'll freeze some for around Christmas time (stocking stuffers!) and maybe use some in some sweet treats to take to the office.  Not that the office doesn't have it's own perils there...everyone keeps bringing in their own leftover candy.  Argh!  Time to hit the pavements and up my yoga intake :o)

Gimme all yer candy, or ye walk the plank!  ARRRRRR!

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween too!

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