Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To the best baby daddy...

Today is a special day!  It's my husband's birthday!  Huzzah!  Michael is a great guy.  How great?  Well, let's see, shall we?

Michael sharing his birthday with Baby Hayden...Hayden's birthday was June 9th, but we celebrated both birthdays together!

  • is a great father
  • never tells me my dreams or story ideas are crazy
  •  has incredible fashion sense.  It puts me to shame.
  • is hardworking and determined
  • creative
  • genuine and kind to all he meets
  • puts up with three red-headed women in his life: his wife, his daughter and his mother-in-law
  • always knows how to make me feel at ease
  • would give you the shirt off his own back if it would make you happy and whole
  • loves kids and is great with them
  • is a very talented actor, singer, and poet
  • is my best friend in the entire world
  • hurts more than I do when our daughter is hurt, sad, or upset
  • lets dogs give him kisses and loves it
  • loves his family like nothing else
Michael, my love, we consider ourselves incredibly blessed to have you in our lives and to hold you in our heats.  Happy Birthday!

Kelly, Sybilla & Snack

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