Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something to "Snack" on...

Ok, I've officially lost it.  We are getting another cat.

My brother's girlfriend texted me the other day and asked me if I would help her find a home for her cat, Snack.  Yes.  The cat's name is Snack.  Blame my brother Philip.  He also named my mom's iPod "Vince Clorthos, KeyMaster."  He has a weird sense of names for things.

Soooo...long story short, Lindsey begged me to help her find a home for the cat.  My best friend and her husband are looking at getting two kittens, but they pretty much already staked their claim on some cats a teacher friend is trying to find homes for, so I couldn't think of anyone else.  And then I remembered what Snack was like and I wanted that cat or so help me, I don't know what I might do.  That's the bad thing about motherhood: besides gaining an extraordinary amount of hard-to-lose weight, you're a sucker for any homeless kid/kitten/puppy/what-have-you.  Although if you knew Snack, you might just want to eat her up too.

Snack is gray.  I am a sucker for gray kitties.  And she has a hilarious name.  I am a sucker for animals with hilarious names.  And Snack is lovable, sweet, and super playful.  Need I say more? 

Now I know what you're got rid of Gumerry because he was too much to handle, Kelly.  And I would respond that you're right.  But that was almost a year ago and Gumerry is now so happy being a suburban farm cat with my brother and my parents right now.  And part of the reason we gave him away was because he was a very high maintenance cat that needed a lot of attention and manhandling that my brother has provided for him.  And Sybilla was very taxing on our energy at the time, so it was always a choice between cat and kid.  Kid wins, hands down.  So Gumerry went off to Aggieland and then came back to Buda where he spends his days wandering the greenbelt next to my parent's house and tormenting their fifteen year old Snowshoe Siamese, Tut-Tut (you can blame me for her name...I had a thing for Egyptology when we got her).

But now Billa is older and is very helpful around the house.  She helps us with laundry and dishes and picking up, and now we can add 'feed the kitty' to her list of chores.  Of course, we'll have to prompt her on when to feed the cat, but still.  It is something that she can take pride in doing and one more thing for her to look forward.  Plus, she LOVES animals and if our friends are going to have cats, well, Billa needs to brush up on her cat handling skills. 

I am seriously stoked about getting this cat!  Lindsey's going to get Snack her shots and fixed before she brings her to Austin, so it will be a couple of weeks.  But we're very excited about her becoming a part of our family...albeit a very crazy family.



  1. Congrats on the new cat!!! Snack - what a fantastic name!!

  2. I remember a friend of mine whose sister let her young son name a family pet and they ended up with a bird named "Tractor Man." So Snack doesn't sound too weird! The iPod name does however!

    Hope Snack works out for all of you!



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