Monday, December 15, 2008


As you can see by my previous post, I have elfed the Guerra's. We're all there: Kelly, Michael, Sybilla, Gumerry and Mr. Binky. Ok, we really don't know who the hell Mr. Binky is but we had to have 5 people to make this awesome video :o)

I must have spent at least an hour picking pictures and I realized just how freaking many pictures there are of our child... way too many to count. There are very few pictures of the rest of us! Anyway, hope you laughed until you cried watching our video, which is up until January 15th 2009. I'm too cheap to drop the $4.99 to keep it, although I *might* reconsider.

It may be a bit before I post anything since this week will be crazy at work and I have lots of baking and other holiday prep to do before Christmas, so until then, we love you all and wish you a happy and blessed holiday!

K & Co.

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