Monday, November 24, 2008

These Feet Were Made For Walkin'...

It's official! Baby the Billa is WALKING!

The past couple of days she's been taking one step here and there and getting very close. Last night, we sat around watching the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special on Comedy Central (which if you haven't seen any of his stuff you need to-he is an incredibly talented and funny ventriloquist!) and Akhmed the Dead Terrorist was doing his bit. Billa wa son the floor playing with my mom and we were all glued to the boob tube when Michael looks at Billa and blurts out, "Hey! She's walking!" We all turn to watch her and sure enough, she took three steps. We got her to do it again, and on the third time, Mommy grabbed the camera and started filming. Yes, my friends, I have my child's first steps in all their glory right here for you to view. See it and weep, because a new era is dawning. Well, I'M weeping anyway. My baby girl isn't so little anymore! (And in case you were wondering, Kellie's daughter Madeleine calls Sybilla "Baby the Billa.")

We took our Christmas pictures yesterday at Portrait Innovations and came out with some great photos and a much emptier wallet. Many thanks go out to my friend Robyn who suggested the place. She's been to so many picture places and out of all of them, she gave PI top scores. And boy did they deliver! Our photographer Jillian was amazing with Billa and she got more smiles out of the baby than she did us. I've posted a slideshow of the photos for your perusal. Relatives, you may want to wait until after the holidays before printing any of them, hint hint :o) We had a great experience and are planning to go back for Billa's first birthday pictures.

Our moving day is one week away and I am beginning to panic. We're lucky that we could gradually move things in if we wanted since it's not like someone is coming to take our place in three days, but I really don't want to take three weeks to move. I've packed up most of the books and some of the kitchen stuff, Michael packed some tchotchkes and the CD's and DVD's. Since our move in date is on a Monday, we'll be taking little loads and painting during the week and then we will move all of the furniture and big boxes on the weekend. Again, I'm taking volunteers. If I have to bribe you with some tasty treats from Billa Cakes, I'll do it!

Anyhoo, it's late and we have to get up early. Enjoy the video and pictures and visit us again real soon!

K & Co.

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