Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Friday: Everything Lol

Happy Friday!

In the spirit of Fun Fridays, I decided to share with you my favorite obsession: LOLCATZ. I just love lolcatz and other lolz. For those not up to date on the latest internet memes, lolcatz are basically pictures of cats (or other things) that have gramatically wrong but funny captions added to them. There is a whole science to the wording and phrasing, which just tickles me pink. My favorite website to view them is which also has spin offs for dogs, political pictures, lookalikes, and now celebrities. They also have something called GraphJam, but that one you will have to see to understand it. I like to visit these websites (which are all linked through ICHC) for a quick me pick me up and sometimes I save my favorite for laughs later. I have added the baby ones here for you, but if you'd like to see my other faves, go to our Picasa page and click on the Lol*s album.


Love, K & Co.

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