Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Six Months Billa!

Billa turned six months old today. Yay! Below is a list of our accomplishments thus far (I'm sure there are more, but we're so sleep deprived our brains have fried and memory has shortcircuited):

Smiling: 5-6 weeks
Holding up our head: 8 weeks
Rolling over front to back: 13 weeks
Rolling over back to front: 16 weeks
Laughing: 4 months
Eating solids: 4 months
Crawling/scooting: 4.5 months
Sitting without support: 5.5 months
Standing while holding onto something: 5.5 months
Sleeping through the night: PENDING (Hell, we'll take 6 hours straight if that's all we can get; that's better than the 3 we're getting now)

We are beginning to walk while holding onto things and Mommy and Daddy have caught the baby standing up in her crib on several occasions. The kid broke out of baby jail today, causing Papa much consternation. Gone are the days when we could turn our backs for two seconds...[sigh] We turn around and the next thing you know, she's pulled herself up onto something else and is trying to climb it or walk it's perimeter.
We love our solids like nothing else, in fact, we start throwing a temper tantrum when the spoon doesn't make it to our mouth with the next bite fast enough. She's consuming about 3 ounces of solid foods at each meal. I just had to shake my head when looking up stuff about babies and solids yesterday as the majority of websites say that at her age, she should only be eating about 1, MAYBE 2 ounces each time. I have to cut the kid off otherwise I'm rolling her out the door and into the bathtub! We're going to discuss meat and portions on Tuesday with Il Dottore to make sure we aren't doing something wrong, but Little S is getting big and growing fast.
Growing so fast in fact, that pretty much all of the 3 to 6 month clothes have made their way to the Outgrown Bucket. Makes me sad, since there were some really cute outfits that we must say goodbye to. I know there are tons of new cute ones that will be available soon. We're pulling out everything from the 6 to 9 month bucket this weekend. I'm going to have start staging really cute photo ops since there are lots of adorable dresses that are not practical for everyday wear.
We'll be going to get our family portraits done soon and that will be exciting as I am trying to figure out what we're going to wear!
The next six months are sure to be super exciting, so check in frequently to see what's happening! I promise that I'll post some videos this weekend!
Much love,
K & Co.

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